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Authentic Venture is a leading ICT company in Malaysia with operations in countries in the Asian region. Venture provides solutions in enterprise management and asset management.

One of the key product is OFFICECENTRAL with thousands of users from SMEs benefit from the cloud based application in accounting, payroll, human resource (HRMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and Point of sales (POS). The system is run in the cloud with SaaS concept where users pay a small amount of fees monthly to get access to all the applications.

Another interesting product is ASSETCENTRAL, with thousands of users benefiting from the advanced solutions yet with Cloud price. ASSETCENTRAL PC Monitoring is a SaaS application where user can manage thousands of computers easily using the automated engine that picks up computer hardware data and software data. ASSETCENTRAL CMMS is a SaaS application that helps users to manage their asset and facilities using the complaint management module, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and inventory module. ASSETCENTRAL – Asset Managemet helps users to manage their asset in terms of asset registration, movement, booking, ownership,  insurance, depreciation, disposal and write off.

Venture launched another interesting product in late 2012 called TENDERASIA. With the Asia Free Trade Agreement coming fast in 2015, there is a need for a portal that contains all tenders, quotations and business opportunities across Asia. TENDERASIA is a robot based system that picks up all tender information available in thousands of websites across asia. It is designed to the most comprehensive portal for business opportunities in Asia.

Venture also provides the solution for the companies big and small that faced the problems of their staff wasting time during office hours playing facebook, youtube, web surfing. Venture eTrax PC Monitoring will be a valuable tool for the CEOs to monitor their staff and helps increase productivity in the office. Current productivity statistics indicated that staff wastes between 1 to 2 hours a day on wasting time activities.

Authentic Venture is Teraju TERAS company where only the best of the best are accepted under the TERAS program who will receive fantastic support by the government. Venture also SME Corp 1Innocert company with AA rating which is just below the highest rating of AAA. For quality assurance Venture is certified under ISO9001 and Global CMMI level2 quailty. Venture is also Microsoft silver partner, and to ensure product quality almost all Venture programmers are Microsoft certified. Venture products are also certified under Common Criteria, a global security certification managed by Cyber Security Malaysia.

Venture has been an MSC Status company since ten years ago. Venture have also steadily climbing the ranking in MDEC MSC rating where her  SCORE+ rating have moved steadily from 2.5 to 4.0 in 2012. Very few ICT companies in Malaysia  are ranked above 4.0 in the SCORE ranking.

In 2013 Venture receives new powerful shareholder, namely the Government of Malaysia via investment of Malaysia Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) in the company. We believe with this investment Venture will be on the way to become a premier ICT company in Malaysia and in the region.