ICT For Growth

ICT For Growth is an initiative to help SMEs to grow their company by using ICT as tools and platform for operation, sales and networking. We planned to do the following in our short and medium term plan:

1. Carry out seminars where we will invite SMEs and entrepreneurs to listen to experienced speakers talking about how to build successful businesses. During the seminars, entrepreneurs will be exposed to the concept of unique value proposition, how to manage their company well and introduction on ICT technology that will help them to be more successful.

2. We will also introduce the various helps and grants that are available by the government to help them. We will focus on three grants during the seminar:

a) Cloud Grant by MDEC – This grant is to help SMEs to implement usage of ICT in their company using cloud technology. Access anywhere,anytime they want. OfficeCentral is one of the selected product for this cloud adoption. Thousands of users have already benefited from this initiative. However the condition is for SMEs that are already getting bigger, 5 staff or more.

For the Cloud Grant, we offer OfficeCentral:

MDEC have c hanged the grant for Cloud Adoption to RM750 effective 2014.

We have changed the package to the following:

Officecentral : 3-users for 12-months worth RM750

With OficeCentral package, we also offer the following free package for the SMEs:

eTrax: 3 PCs fopr 12-months

1-day user Training for OfficeCentral for 1 person.

The package is called SME Biz package.


b) Cloud Grant by myNEF

This is grant is finished in 2013. Congratulations to all of you that got the myNEF grant for SMEs.


c) Website Grant by MCMC

This grant is finished in 2013.


d) Grant for GST by Customs Department

The Malaysian will implement GST in Malaysia starting from 1st April 2015. All companies that have sales more than RM500,000 a year are required by law to implement GST. Companies will collect the 6% GST when they sell products and services and send this money to the government. They also can deduct the 6% GST they have paid when they purchase their supplies.   Customs department have allocated RM1,000 subsidy per company to help them purchase the GST compliant Accounting software. Total allocated grant by the government is RM150 millions.

Venture have a special package for the SMEs for this GST. the package is called SME GST package where you will get:

OfficeCentral license: 2 users with duration of 2 years

Training for 1 user for OfficeCentral

Training for 1 user for GST Accounting

The SMEs can get the GST vouchers from SME Corp. You can get more information from the www.smecorp.gov.my website.

Contact us if you need more information.


3. We build a community called ICT For Growth.

Go to the Facebook page for more detail.


We will publish information, notices, invitation and news that are useful and helpful to SMEs in this group.

a) Information about grants from governments

b) Sharing of knowledge on SMEs and how to run the company

c) Information about events and seminars for SMEs and entrepreneurs

d) Information about products from SMEs

e) Networking platform among SMEs and entrepreneurs to improve and expand their business.


4. We have published blogs that useful to the entrepreneurs and SMEs