Compare Zahir Accounting and OfficeCentral

Compare Zahir Accounting and OfficeCentralZahir
Accounting is the leading accounting software in Indonesia. Zahir
Accounting is considered to be the best and innovative small business
software in Indonesia. All financial reports are automatic, completed
interactive analysis and chart for business decision making. Easy to use
and help you to manage your business easily and very nice graphical
However Zahir Accounting is based on the older PC-based
technology. It lacks the power and features of the latest cloud and
mobile technology.

OfficeCentral is the leading
cloud based enterprise management software in Malaysia. OfficeCentral
maximizes the use of the power of cloud and mobile technology to provide
advanced accounting solutions.  All the features that are required by
enterprises are provided and some additional fantastic features
available in much more expensive enterprise software.

The following are the comparison between Zahir and OfficeCentral.


FEATURE Zahir Accounting
Zahir Accounting
OfficeCentral V2
Delivery Order Yes No Yes
Controlling Sales and Purchase Downpayment Yes No Yes
Recalculating COGS Yes No No
Bank Autoreconciliation Yes No Yes
Sending Invoice by Email Yes No Yes
Fresh User Interface Display and not
Yes No Yes
Autobackup Database Yes No Yes
Global Searching Yes No Yes
Broadcast Database Yes No Yes
Security Timer Yes No Yes
List of Overpayment Transaction (Payable
& Receivable)
Yes No No
Mobile Sales-Order Yes No Yes
Full Screen Yes No Yes
Social Media Interaction (FB, Twitter, G+,
Support Centre)
Yes No Yes
Simple and Easy UI Navigation Yes No Yes
Synchronizing Yes Yes Yes
Point of Sale Yes Yes Yes
Goods Sales and Purchase Yes Yes Yes
Service Sales and Purchase Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Controlling Payable & Receivable Yes Yes Yes
Cash & Bank Transaction Yes Yes Yes
Bank Reconciliation Yes Yes Yes
Month and Year End Yes Yes Yes
Invoices, Reports, Reminder, and Business
Analysis Graphic
Yes Yes Yes
Invoices & Reports can be
redesigned***/ Printable/ Exportable
Yes Yes Yes
Cloud solution
– access anywhere
No No Yes
Mobile apps
No No Yes
with CRM
No No Yes
with Mobile POS
No No Yes
with MPERS
No No Yes

Both software have their own group of customers. However it is expected that customers will demand more features that are provided by cloud technology in the future.

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