e-Services is one of the Focus Area in Malaysia ICT Roadmap, what it means to Bumiputera ICT community?

If we look at the ICT Roadmap for Malaysia, we will see e-Services is one of the Focus Area. What is e-Services and what it means to the Bumiputera ICT community?  For the government, the target is to get 90% of services on-line by 2020. The study shows that e-Services is worth RM830 million in 2011 and expected to grow to RM3.68 billions in 2020. This is a big jump if about 2.8 billions in 7 years. Based on the study the global e-Services is worth RM300 billions in 2011 and growing to RM767 billions in 2020. A jump of RM467 billions. The simple conclusion is that if we focus on e-Services, then we are in the big potential business worth billions of Ringgit.

I tend to agree that e-Services is the way to go. With the proliferation of smart phones and ever cheaper tablets most transactions will be via internet, via e-Services. I am sure we are not the only country that thinks this way.

First let us understand what is e-Services.

1. e-business, e-commerce -any business that involves completing sales on the web

2. Provide services from web – like bulk printing, travel booking

3. Any applications and resources that can be supplied via the web, like SaaS, IaaS

You will see that the scope is wide and high potential.

For Malaysian government the focus is in e-Government, e-Health and e-Learning.

Bumiputera ICT entrepreneurs need to look at this area and  explore the various potential and be part of the supplier for the RM3.68 billion e-Services market in Malaysia in 2020.

Many ICT entrepreneurs have started in this e-Services including the use of cloud. They include SaaS for accounting, HR, Payroll, POS, CRM, event management, cloud CCTV monitoring, e-books, e-learning, asset management, e-government, medical, insurance, takaful, banking, e commerce, social network apps, mobile apps downloads, SMS apps etc. However more are required in order to capture significant portion of the pie.

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