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I received a lot of questions on how to make effective sales activities. How to select customers and how to have higher closing.

One thing that you must understand is that we are not begging anybody to buy anything from us. We contacts them to see if we can help them. We have something that will make their life easier. make their work less stressful. more meaningful. So, we are there to help them. If they do not want to be helped, it is also OK.
You could look into this method:

I am using AssetCentral as the product example.

1. Know your product

You should know what you are selling and who your customers are.

For example AssetCentral

What is does:

It helps asset managers/executive/technician  and maintenance managers/executive/technician  to manage their facilities.

The design is based on cloud, where they can get access to it from anywhere, anytime. using hand phone, laptop, computer or tablet. Form office, house, meeting place or overseas. Mo issue.

The modules: CMMS

Complaint management, corrective maintenance, scheduled maintenance, inventory management, asset register and dashboards and reports.

Basically these modules will help the team to manage their facility maintenance effectively and efficiently.

Module: Insurance

Manage asset insurance

Module: Asset Booking

Manage asset booking, room, event venue

Module: Online payment

Manage payment online for booking

Module: Contractor

Allows contractors to receive work orders online, submit report, quotation and claims online

Module: Asset management

Allows the organisation to manage their asset – asset register, asset movement,. ownership, disposal and depreciation.

You will see that you must be conversant with your products and the various modules and features.

You must understand that the customers will be looking at how you will help him / her to do their work better, less headache, lower cost, less hectic, more efficient. basically, can you make their life easier.

2. Know your customers:

You must know who are your potential customers.

Chances are they are the one that manage the company asset and facilities.

They have quite a number of asset, and a number of staff. Imaging if you have 1,000 asset and a number of staff, you may not be able to manage your maintenance work using manual system. The more asset and the more locations, the more staff, the more the need for a system. They cannot remember everything.

What they have to do?

Every day submit report of all complaints

Every day submit report of all work orders

Every day submit report all scheduled maintenance works

Submit report on maintenance costs, which contractors, which asset

What work done, in progress, hanging?

Waiting for spares? Spare balance? is it enough

Alert the management on contractor status

In Malaysia you may look into this:

SME bank – have factories and branches in Malaysia. Similarly CIMB, Maybank,

Universities – all of them are big and have many buildings

Polytechnics, GMI, MFI, UniKL etc

MARA Offices all over Malaysia

MARA arkeb mara

SME Corp – offices all over Malaysia.

Similarly any government agencies with offices all over Malaysia – Tekun, AIM, MITI.

You may also look at:



Vehicle/transport companies

Factories -all factories have maintenance functions

3. Contact them

In Malaysia and Asia, personal contact is very important. Normally they will purchase from somebody they know.

It is very important that we set up appointment and meet them.

During the meeting we can introduce them to our products and give them the chance to know us.

We must project the confidence and authority in this area. They must trust you will be able to help them.

Once you have the access, then you must move on to close the sale.

4. Submit Quotation

We must discuss on the next stage.

Will they agree to send their staff to training.

Offer then training RM500 per day. Normally training budget is very easy to use.

We also can submit quotation for the system.

The fact that it costs RM100 per month (per user), it is affordable to any organisation.

You can use this quotation as a starting point for further discussion.

5. Closing the deal

Remember that you are helping them to better manage their team, reduce their headache, make them more happy in their work. So you are not  selling something that is useless.

if they happen to value this, then we have a good chance.

However if they happen to be very busy fighting fire, and no time for you, it is also OK.

Remember the story of the person that is so busy cutting the tree using a saw that is not sharp. It takes him a long time to do the work. No time for rest or doing anything else. What we do is offering something that he will be able to work faster and have more time to do more things, more efficient, more effective.

Keep contacting him, and maybe he will discover that he really need help.








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