Go Global Initiative is one of the Strategic Initiative under National ICT Roadmap – Creation of Regional Entrepreneur Platform

The government is doing something right here. Something that entrepreneurs have always thought necessary. We will start with the background so that we are from the same frame of mind. Under the Strategic ICT Roadmap for the government, going global has always been one key strategy. All impact on GNI and employment will double, triple, quadruple when the go global initiative is included. For example, under e-Services the GNI impact will be RM1.8 billions if Malaysia focus only. However when go global in initiative is included the GNI impact shoots up to RM5.7 billions. This is more than triple. The same for job impact, with go global initiative the employment impact shoots up from 3,000 employment to more than 13,000 employment. More than 400% increase.

The feedback from the industry shows that entrepreneurs from regional countries are also interested to grow their business beyond their country borders. Entrepreneurs from Indonesia and Vietnam are quite familiar with Malaysian entrepreneurs. This is due to many marketing missions done by the Malaysian entrepreneurs. We observe a few things, we will focus on two countries first:

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1. Many missions are from Malaysia to Indonesia, or Malaysia to Vietnam. Very rare the other way around.

2. Malaysian entrepreneurs are welcomed there. However there is a worry that Malaysian will eat their existing cake.

3. Entrepreneurs from Indonesia and Vietnam wants to expand their business too.

4. Indonesia have a lot more resources for ICT, programmers, creative content programmers. The same for Vietnam.

5. The cost of technical staff in Indonesia and Vietnam is lower than Malaysia.

6. Indonesia have 260 millions population, 200 million phones, growth is always above 5% even during economic crisis

7. Vietnam have 90 million population, ICT demand starting, very friendly for ict companies to set up business there.

The creation of Regional Entrepreneur Platform is based on the observation above.

Technopreneur Asia under NEF is exactly what the initiative is all about.

1. The platform where entrepreneurs across Asian countries can work together to expand business. They could be ICT entrepreneurs that create they own products, company in distribution, company in system integration as well as in services.

2. Entrepreneurs can work together, to represent each other products and services across Asia.

3. Resources in Indonesia and Vietnam and other countries will become extension of resources to the companies. Unavailability of resources problem is resolved.

4. Marketing missions are done across Asia and marketing offices are established across Asia, with participants from the various countries.

5. When the companies get bigger and stronger, they can expand to US and Europe. Stronger. Bigger. Better products.

As in my previous comment, we should let entrepreneurs to lead this initiative. Entrepreneurs have the most to gain from the success. Entrepreneurs have the most to lose if this initiative fails.

Your comment.

You can also read more about TechnopreneurAsia from www.technopreneurasia.com.


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