Go Global Strategy is one of Strategic Initiatives under Malaysian ICT Roadmap – Payung?

The Malaysian government is spot on in identifying go global as one of the strategic initiative under the ICT Roadmap. We understand that  28 million populations   is small as compared to 300 million population in US and more than 1 billion population in India and China. With small local demand, many initiatives will not be successful and probably will become jaguh kampung all the way. If we look at our regional friends we will begin to see some strength.  Indonesia is growing well with 260 million population, Vietnam with 90 millions, Thailand with 70 millions. We could also look at Pakistan with 350 million population and Bangladesh with 175 millions. The demand pool in our region is more than 800 millions population. Malaysia is highly regarded in this region. Based on this Go Global is reasonable to start from the region.

In many cases we started on the right track. However when come to detailed implementation we go stuck. We hope this time we will do it right.  We will analyse the initiatives

“The Government will select a few companies, nurture them and over time will become large global companies”.

Good initiative. We were told that our target is  5 companies. These companies will be the “payung” that will bring along other SMEs all over the world. “Just like the Korean” one of the words given to assure the industry.

We hope the government learn from our previous errors:

1. The “payung” created many own subsidiaries – no other SMEs benefit

2. The marketing leaders are government servant – no impact to salary or income if the work failed.  Gove rnment servant may think that they are a better marketer than the private sector entrepreneurs. But you could not imagine the drive when your salary is on the line if your effort failed. You cannot compare with entrepreneurs that have millions of own money down the drain when effort failed. You cannot compare with entrepreneurs that will go bankrupt when they cannot pay back their loans when their effort failed.

3. The “payung” is not interested to go global. Easy to get business in Malaysia. Why bother going overseas. Just say yes to government request so that they look good. Pay lip service.

We need to have more potential companies and let them compete and show results. Those that show good result will be given more responsibility and scope. More support will be given based on success. Probably from 15 initial group, we may have 5 good ones. hey need to show initiative and show result. Not they type that give me the contract first and i will start doing it.

We agree with “payung” yet we want the detailed implementation done correctly. we hope some of our members will become some of the payung. the reason we have to create NEF last time was all the big payung award contracts to their own subsidiaries. “No even crumbs get to us” said one of our members last time.


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Ir.Aziz Ismail is very active member of ICT economic cluster in Malaysia. As the (Past) President of TeAM ( Technopreneur Association of Malaysia) and Vice President II NEF ( Bumiputera ICT Entrepreneur Association) he is deeply involved in many strategies, activities and issues related to the industry. He is also a Director of Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu, an umbrella organisation of 47 national NGOs with 500,000 entrepreneur members.

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