ICT For Growth Special event – 4th June 2014 at SACC Shah Alam- launching of OfficeCentral GST Accounting and SpaKita

This year is a special year for our company and we would like to celebrate it with you.  It is a continuation of our good run last year. We got our award NEF Awani Best Solution for SMEs last December.  We got our investment from MTDC under Business Growth Fund in the previous month.  Now Venture is a government investee company. We also got our ISO9001 certificate renewed. This add to our previous CMMI certification and Common Criteria certification from Cyber Security. What is fantastic is where we achieved our first RM1 million profit last year. Our original investors now also  see their investment giving return of 10 times their investments.

This ICT for Growth Special event is done in Shah Alam Convention Centre ( SACC ) on 4th June 2014. The event starts  at 8:30am where our participants are provided with hearty breakfast and various activities and gifts in front of the the event hall. The event starts at 9:30 am where I will spend about 1 hour talking with entrepreneurs on building successful businesses.  Doesn’t matter what business you are in, we can share our knowledge and we will learn something during the talk. I have been sharing my experience and knowledge with thousands of entrepreneurs, young and old since the last couple of years. Come and join me in the seminar. If you want to know more about me, read about it at http://www.ictforgrowth.com/about-us/about-ict-for-growth/speakers/

We have invited some of your fellow entrepreneurs to share their experience building up their business and how the use ICT especially OfficeCentral to help them building successful businesses. Listen to Ms Juzairiah from JW United Corporation Sdn Bhd sharing her experience. Read more about her at this website –  http://www.jwunited.com.my/home.html

You will also listen to Puan Liza Shane Rauf on how she use ICT to help her manage her companies and her transformation into entrepreneur. Read about her at this website http://www.hisniaga.com.my/corporate_overview.htm

Of course you can share your experience with your fellow entrepreneurs during this event. As a lot of  questions. We enjoy answering your questions and sharing our point of view. As always we have a lot of gifts for you during the event. It is more special during the Special Event. Get your free books about entrepreneurs, get your free magazine for ICT entrepreneurs, free T-shirt, free movie tickets and many vouchers for Spas.

Meet the President of the Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants (MATA) , Hj Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar. He will launch  the OfficeCentral GST compliant accounting software, which is our Star product http://www.officecentral.com.my/. Read more about MATA in this website http://www.mata.org.my/

You can also meet Puan Nadira Yusof, the President of WENA, Asssociation of Bumiputera Women Entrepreneur Network during this event. She will launch our OfficeCentral Spakita, a portal for Spas in Malaysia http://www.spakita.com/. This is our key initiative to help entrepreneurs in  health and beauty industry. Puan Nadira is one of the leading successful women entrepreneur in Malaysia. Read more about WENA in the website http://www.wena.org.my/wenacms/


Ms Natalie Chong, a  Senior Executive from MDEC will share with you on how MDEC helps the SMEs via activities and initiatives. one of the initiative is the SME Cloud adoption initiative. Read more about MDEC here http://www.mdec.my/

Mohd Haslan Junior will explain to you how to apply for the Grant from MDEC under MDEC cloud adoption grant. basically SMEs can claim 100% the cost of purchasing the OfficeCentral. You will also will be introduced for the first time the GST Grant scheme called eVoucher. All SMEs can use the eVoucher to purchase OfficeCentral GST compliant software.

Listen to GST Specialist Mr Rozlan Mohamed Ali, who will spend time with you explaining more detail about GST. Ask him any questions you need to know about the GST implementation. Get your business ready for GST.

Many lucky draws interspersed in between the speakers. Make sure you bring back something from the event. We have a lot of sponsors during the event.

Thank you to Bolastore for the Football Jerseys. Read about Bolastore at http://www.bolastore.com/my/

Thank you to Alammi Spa for the Spa voucher. Go to booth SpaKita to get the voucher for your Spa experience. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/alammispa

Thank you to CURIO, Green Paradise for sponsoring the lucky draw and voucher for the Spa. Get beautiful feet like the movie stars. Read about Green paradise at https://www.facebook.com/greenparadiseCurio

As a special treat, we are have booked one whole cinema at Cathay Cineplex e@Curve the coming Saturday 7th June giving you and your kids  a treat, starting at 1:00pm. get your ticket during the event. Read about it at http://www.mummynemo.com/2012/09/empat-suara-untuk-filem-supersquad-the-movie/

Bring a lot of name cards and exchange them with fellow entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of them during this event. One of the major objective of the ICT for Growth event is the creation of networking platform for entrepreneurs.





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