Is Creative Content part of Focus Area in ICT Strategic Plan for Malaysia?

Many entrepreneurs asked the question “Is Creative Content is part of Focus Area in Strategic ICT Roadmap for Malaysia?”. For those who are wondering what we are talking about please read on. National Strategic Roadmap for ICT was introduced in 2008 by the government to provide clear direction and vision that guide government direction and activities.

According to the Roadmap the Focus Areas are as follows:

1. Cloud Computing

2. Wireless Intelligence

3. Big data and Analytics

4. Security

5. e-Services

6. Ubiquitous Connectivity

Where is Creative Content in the focus area? Some of the respond from the government indicated that creative content is always part of the activities that support the focus areas. Creative content is part of cloud and e-Services.  For bumiputera ICT entrepreneurs, creative content is a big part of the community.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs and ICT professionals and programmers are involved in this area. It covers creative content like Upin and Ipin cartoon group,  education content from pre-tadika to university level, mobile games, comics, internet games and other serious contents.

The industry should look at the Focus Area and analyse and try to see the impact. There are two probable outcomes:

1. The creative content industry is really part of the focus area and the activities will be in the detail implementation later on. No worry here. Just need to make sure the detail include creative content that is a big part of the bumiputera industry.

2. Creative Content is not in the Focus Area. If this is true, then we are looking at two major impacts:

Impact 1 – If this is true, then Bumiputera ICT community is in the wrong track. We are in business area that is not in government priority. We understand that the Roadmap is prepared by international consultants that supposed to know the world trend in many years to come. Could it be that Bumiputera entrepreneurs are in the wrong track?

Impact 2 – If this is not true, then the government is doing something that is not in line with people on the ground. This is not good. Could it be that the international consultants got it wrong?

It is interesting to see how the government and the industry can work out something related to the creative industry here. It would be very troubling if we say that we support the growth of Creative Content industry yet we left it out from Focus Area.

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