Learn Indonesian language. Today we will learn the word “SIAP”. You will reduce stress after understand this word.

Ha ha now Ir Aziz is a language teacher.
Let me repeat some conversation in he office:
Budi  ( indonesian staff)
Aziz ( Malaysian)
Last week:
Aziz: Budi, buat report untuk sales activity bulan lepas ya.
Budi: Siap Pak.

This week:
Aziz: Budi, mana report nya? Dulu kata sudah siap?
Budi: Belum Pak.
Aziz: Dulu kata sudah Siap
Budi: Belum Selesai Pak.
Aziz: Kenapa kata dah siap minggu lepas? ( ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY)

This is the meaning of SIAP in Indonesia:
SIAP means YES we are working on it.
SELESAI means Yes we already completed it.

Selesai belajar one Indonesian language today.
So that you have less stress.

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