OfficeCentral is an application that is specially designed you, entrepreneurs and managers to manage your company effectively from anywhere, anytime. By using OfficeCentral you would be in control of your company all the time. You would be able to access your company data anytime from anywhere you are.

Traditionally you must go to your office computer in order to get your company data either your company account, payroll or your sales data. With OfficeCentral you do not have to do all that. Use your laptop or handphone or your iPad or Samsung Tab and access your data from anywhere.

OfficeCentral provides you with almost all you need to run your company. What do you normally need to run your company effectively?

1. Accounting – you need accounting to manage and monitor your company. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Account Receivable, Account Payable and many others.

2. Payroll – Your staff need to be paid monthly. How to manage their payroll and the various government requirements. Manage your government payments correctly and effectively, your staff EPF, SOCSO, Zakat, Tax and other forms.

3. Human Resource – You need to manage your staff. Staff profile, leave, training

4. Finance – You need to manage staff claims, advances

5. Customer Relationship Management – you need to give your sales team a powerful tool to manage potential customer to managing your customer, manage your price book, quotation, delivery order, invoice, receipt and sales activity tracking.

6. Point of Sales – the POS provides you with your POS sales data in the cloud where you do not have to be at the POS location. Monitor your sales, inventory and sales statistics from anywhere you are.

OfficeCentral is a cloud based application where it enables you to get access to powerful solutions from anywhere you are. Actually you are already using a cloud even though you are not aware of it. Google, facebook, twitter, youtube, amazon, yahoo are all using the cloud technology.

Join the thousands of entrepreneurs that have benefited from using OfficeCentral to manage their company. I am sure you will find many features that will help you to be a better manager, a better entrepreneur. Let OfficeCentral helps you to become a successful entrepreneur that you deserve.