OfficeCentral 2020 target

OfficeCentral is specifically designed to help SMEs to manage their business. We know that SMEs put vary high value to the following:

1. The system must be easy to use, where they can start using it immediately. Staff can be trained to use the system within hours.

2. The system must be economical in price, such that it will not burden their monthly expenses.

3. The user must be able to access the system from anywhere, anytime they want to.

4. Whatever the function to manage their company must be there for them. Not too sophisticated that they don’t know how to use them. easy to use yet enough functions for them to manage their company well.

OfficeCentral has been designed with these in mind. We  believe we will be able to serve the SMEs across the world well especially SMEs acrosss Asia.

Our target:

2013 – We have started supplying the OfficeCentral to SMEs in 2011. The adoption started to grow  when the broadband, streamyx and unify started to be installed in Malaysia. We see increasing adoption since late 2011. Nowadays broadband access is becoming standard features in many SME premises. The OfficeCentral who promises access from anywhere and anytime benefit greatly from this broadband acceptance. Currently we have a few thousand users of OfficeCentral from Malaysia.

2014 We target to have 20,000 users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

2016 We target to have 100,000 users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

2018 We target to have 300,000 users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Iraq

2020 We target to have 1,000,000 users in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Iraq, Libya, Egypt

Our target is to be No.1 SME solution provider in Asia by 2020.



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