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Having your own website is no more a luxury, it is a basic requirement for successful business. In Malaysia, 70% of businesses do not have their own website. This is not good for the growth of our SMEs in Malaysia.

Why having your own website is crucial? According to internet research, 83% of internet users have made online purchase, 56% have made multiple purchases online. You will also see the statistics that 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through company website or company blog and 78% of internet users conduct products research on-line.  You will notice that if you do not have your own website you will be missing the great opportunity of businesses from the on-line people.

You also will notice that global on-line e-Commerce business has  increased from USD 680 billions in 2010 to USD  763 billions in 2011 and I am sure we will see large increases for 2012 and 2013. The eCommerce is IN and you will be left behind if you missed this train.
The survey also shows that on-line customers indicated that they do on-line purchases to save time, they do  on-line shopping because they have more variety, easy to compare prices and they do not have to travel to the crowded shopping malls and they can save petrol. Majority also says that they get lower prices on-line.

In Asia, we have more than 1.07 billion internet users, about 1 in 4 population are internet users. This is a large pool of potential customers, knowing that 83% on-line users have done at least one internet purchase according to the research.

According to FactFinder research, Malaysian internet users spend 20 hours a week on-line. Compared to the official weekly working hours of 40 hours, this is very significant. This is almost about 50% of official working time.

The message is clear, that any SMEs that do not have on-line strategy are missing the large customer base from the internet.

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Ir.Aziz Ismail is very active member of ICT economic cluster in Malaysia. As the (Past) President of TeAM ( Technopreneur Association of Malaysia) and Vice President II NEF ( Bumiputera ICT Entrepreneur Association) he is deeply involved in many strategies, activities and issues related to the industry. He is also a Director of Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu, an umbrella organisation of 47 national NGOs with 500,000 entrepreneur members.

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