Payroll for Security Company – Standard payroll software cannot do this

OfficeCentral have the advantage of modifying fetures or adding new features that are required by our customers. I will share with you what one of our customers in Indonesia need:
1. They have 800 staff . They are located in 30 locations. They are working in shifts.
2. They pay salary using daily rate but capped at Rp1.500.000.
3. They need to know who come and who are absent every day.
4. If the staff work for more than 15 days, he will get certain extra salary per day ( this is like bonus).     If he work less than 12 days, he will get nothing extra.
5. He will get food allowance, travel allowance etc
6. He will get replacement allowance, working on public holiday allowance
7. Attendaace need to be updated daily – start and finish, and overtime or replacement work.
8. Staff training loan need to be deducted every month. All this must be in payroll
9. Staff clothers and tools loan need to be updated every month. All this must be  in payroll.
10. Staff will get payslip from system. Online payslip.Definitely the standard Payroll will not be able to do this.
OfficeCentral can. 

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