SME Premium Package


The SME Premium Package is specially packaged for enterprises from start up mode to the companies that have grown up to a few millions in sales.

You will be able to manage your company effectively by using the package offered.

You will get:

1. OfficeCentral – Accounting, Payroll, HR, CRM and POS. Access from anywhere, 24/7. Licensed for 5-users for 1-year.

2. eTrax – monitor your computers – licensed for 5 computers, 1-year.

3. TenderAsia – access to tender information across Asia. Hundreds of new tenders and quotations every day – licensed for 1-year..

4. Training for OfficeCentral – 2 personnel, 1-day training.

The good thing is the whole SME Premium package is available under the myNEF grant. You do not need to pay anything. Just contact us and we will give you the grant application form. Very simple process. if you are enterprise, you only need to submit from D, if your company is Sdn Bhd you need form 9, 24 and 49.

Contact us fast to apply for the grant. As all grants, it will be stopped when the budget is exhausted.




  1. Can you please send me the grant application form and also the terms and conditions to apply this opportunity?

    Thanks and regards..

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